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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, It's Basically One Guy Being Suspended

Holy Christ. Really? That's what all the kerfuffle was about? Adam Robinson is a cokehead and Jewel Hampton and his balsa wood knees are transferring? That's it.

Wow. If you got on the Idiot Boards last night either a) Ferentz was retiring b) 23 players were being kicked off the team c) NCAA sanctions were forthcoming, among other things.

Talk about a state that needs a pro team, a mountain range or a giant political scandal to divert attention.

Marcus Coker is the starting running back in the bowl game and next year. There. Done.
Can you people just watch the bowl game, keep an eye on the Iowa basketball team and move on with whatever it is you people do?

Pitchers and catchers less than 2 months. Keep...Breathing....


Christo P. Ney said...

And if I read how ironic it is that Iowa's only RB left is named Coker one more time, I'm done for good.

BTW, nice logo and division naming, Big Ten.

Mate Famber said...

No kidding.

Legends? Leaders? Good Lord.

How about "I talked with someone in the AD Dept...." or "Heard from a player..."

Christo P. Ney said...

Or the tea leaf reading and oracle interpreting of Facebook comments.

Get a hobby, guys.

And the new Big Ten logo looks like they had a contest at a middle school in Schaumburg and that was the best one. Just seems so half-assed, like when ABC7 sends a reporter two storefronts down to the Border's to get "on the street" reaction about something utterly boring and inconsequential.

"Wrap it up, Jim. That'll fill four minutes."